Tax Investigations & Enquiries

HM Revenue & Customs makes enquiries into certain Tax Returns when they have identified a risk in the taxpayer’s tax position or when an enquiry is required as part of its random enquiry programme.

When HM Revenue & Customs opens an enquiry this doesn't necessarily mean the taxpayer has done anything wrong. Sometimes HM Revenue & Customs only needs more information to understand the taxpayer’s figures.

We will explain the enquiry process to you and provide sound professional advice throughout the process.

If during an enquiry, HM Revenue & Customs finds that you have not declared your income and/or have filed an inaccurate Tax Return or claim, you may have to pay a penalty which can be up to an amount equal to the tax due, so doubling your tax bill. In addition, interest is charged on additional tax that is due. We can help you minimise these penalties.

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